Thursday 14 January 2010, 7.30pm

CD launch: Shir Hodu - Jewish Song from Bombay of the '30s

Room 116, Main Building SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Admission Free. RSVP

Exciting new release!

Shir Hodu: Jewish Song from Bombay of the '30s

Producers Julian Futter and Dr Sara Manasseh invite you to the launch of an extraordinary, re-mastered compilation of long lost professional recordings of the Bene Israel and Baghdadian Jewish communities in Bombay, India (originally on the King, Hebrew and Jay Bharat Record labels). Among the performers, all well-known in their communities, are Hazzanim (cantors, prayer leaders) and shofar (Ram's horn) blowers, a meat shop owner, music school directors, and instrumental stars of the Indian cinema. This musical link with the past has been vividly brought to life by the memories and photos of the descendants, relatives and friends of the singers and instrumentalists, gathered from across the globe. The CD comes with a richly illustrated 24-page booklet that will serve as a valuable source for future researchers into Indian Jewish musical traditions. To purchase the CD and for further details, including track listing, click on the link:

In association with Jewish Music Institute

Shir Hodu: Jewish song from Bombay of the '30s
Produced by Julian Futter & Dr. Sara Manasseh


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Simeon Jacob Kharilker (King Records)

1 Adon Olam Lord of the world 3.31
2 Yom Hashabbat The Sabbath day 3.30
3 Deror Ikhra Let freedom be proclaimed 3.17
4 Ashir Lael I will sing to the Lord 3.11
5 Yaroom Venisa He will be exalted and raised 3.13
6 Hatikvah & Él Shémor Hammélékh The hope & God save the king 3.19

Abid David
(Hebrew Record)

7 Hai Hai El Hai The living God 3.20
8 Deror Yikra Let freedom be proclaimed 2.52

Zaky Solomon Isaac (Hebrew Record)

9 Aet Shaare Rason The time of (opening of) the gates of mercy 3.17
10 Ado-nai Becol Shophar The Lord is in the sound of the shofâr 2.54
11 Yodukha Raayonai My thoughts will praise You 3.04
12 Yom Hashabat The Sabbath day 3.01
13 Yom Simha A day of rejoicing 2.59

N.S. Satamkar (Jay Bharat Records)

14 Deror Iqra Let freedom be proclaimed 3.24
15 Yom Hashabat The Sabbath day 3.10

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